For young people, establishing good habits early is a good way to prepare for the pressures of adult life. As a parent, you can empower your daughter or son to develop these habits and become an independent adult.

In this article, we’ll share tips for mums and dads to help their children balance school, work, and other activities. Keep reading to learn how you can equip your teenager to succeed now and later on in life.

Teach organisation and time management skills

As kids start taking more advanced school subjects and enter the workforce, they must learn how to balance everything going on in their life. To help them overcome these new challenges, you need to teach them how to stay organised and manage their time effectively.

For the first time, your child will have to set aside time to do homework, maintain a job, and keep a social life. Talk with them about what they should be prioritising and help them create a daily routine to get it done.

For example, if they have an after-school job, make sure they understand that they need to set aside another time to study and do chores. Encourage them to keep track of their time with a planner or a time management app. Check-in with them regularly to find out if they’re feeling stressed and make a plan to switch things up if necessary.

Encourage healthy social relationships and activities

At the same time, your teenager needs to have free time to socialise and participate in hobbies that they enjoy. However, you want to encourage them to hang around with friends who are good influences and participate in productive activities, like sports, arts, or music.

Speak with your child and find out what they’re interested in. If they’d like to take guitar lessons, for example, find a music school in your area that offers lessons for teens. Or if they’re looking to make new friends, you can seek out healthy and supportive places for them to socialise, such as the WAYS Youth Space.

Let them know that support is available

Sometimes, young people can get overwhelmed as they start to experience the realities of adulthood. Whether they’re grappling with relationship issues, work stress, or other difficulties, let them know that you’re there to support them, and you can work together to tackle these problems.

While it’s important to let your child know that they have your support, you should also recognise when it’s time to get professional help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a counsellor if you think your son or daughter could benefit from therapy. Of course, if it’s an emergency, contact the police or call 000.

Growing up is a complicated experience for both parents and children. But you can give your teen the tools they need to succeed by helping them establish good habits, letting them express themselves through social activities, and seeking professional support when needed.

At WAYS Youth & Family, we provide programs to help children, young adults, and parents enjoy healthy and happy lives. Learn more about WAYS and what we offer by visiting our website.

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