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WAYS Secondary is an Independent high school for young people who want an alternative to mainstream education. Currently offering years 9, 10, 11 and 12.

WAYS Secondary provides an innovative, safe, supportive and flexible learning environment that helps students thrive and achieve their educational goals. The school offers NESA accredited ROSA and HSC courses. Upon completion, our objective is to assist students to achieve their future goals into further education, training and employment.


WAYS Secondary’s mission is to meaningfully motivate and engage students to achieve academically, love learning and realize their own potential. Student well being is paramount and we pride ourselves on our capacity to grow students emotionally and socially.

We have a proven record of instilling a sense of self-worth and connection to education in each student by enabling them to overcome their personal barriers to education. WAYS Secondary is available for students who do not fit into or wish to attend mainstream schooling. While we specialize in catering for a wide range of student needs, WAYS Secondary is not a behaviour school and thus does not accept students presenting with behavioural disorders or significant problems with their behavior.

We believe each student is an individual with a diversity of learning styles and we make it our priority to make learning accessible to all students. Parents are valued as much as students.

Parents of our students are encouraged to access our Youth and Family counselling service & our Effective Parenting courses which empower parents with the skills and knowledge to better understand their adolescent children, build stronger connections, manage challenging behaviors and feel more confident in their parenting.

Please contact the school on 9365 2500 for more information or to arrange an interview


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We are student focused:

  • Small class sizes
  • Individual year groups- no composite classes
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • Proactive Goal setting
  • Individual student coaching for success
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Have a strong focus on student wellness with free access to:

  • Educational assessments
  • Wellness Centre including GP, Dentist, Acupuncture and Optometry
  • Counselling services
  • Case management
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We are passionate about providing a safe, supportive and dynamic learning environment:

  • Literacy and numeracy support
  • Enrichment programs
  • Transport to and from Bondi Junction
    Station daily
  • Breakfast, recess and lunch provided


“‘ I never knew a school could change my life in the way this one has. This school has benefited me in so many more ways then educational purposes. It has given me a home and a second chance that I will forever be grateful for. I am not here because I am being forced, I come because I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else”.”

Talia, Yr 11

“‘ I have been very supported at this school as all the teachers are very helpful and caring. WAYS Secondary is the best school I have been to and I always recommend this school to everyone””

Amy, Yr 11

“WAYS has helped me with my grades as I used to fail all my subjects at my previous school and now I am getting either A’s or B’s . I didn’t realise I was capable of achieving good grades. The teachers here are amazing !”

Alyssa, Yr 11

“ WAYS to me has meant a new beginning and a second chance achieving my goal of finishing year 12. In my short stay here I have achieved finishing year 10 and now I’m more than half way through year 11 ! WAYS has given me a chance to make new friends in a much more safer and happier environment than my previous school “

Cameron, Yr11

“WAYS Secondary is an amazing school that is really flexible and understanding. The teachers take their time to understand each students situations and learning abilities and focus on people individually and make us the very best we can be. I feel very supported by all the students and teachers, we are like family ! I love it there. I wouldn’t be graduating if it wasn’t for WAYS.”

Jade, Yr12

“ WAYS Secondary has created a relaxing, safe and supportive atmosphere for me during my time here. This has resulted in a massive improvement in my attendance which at my previous school as so below average that I almost repeated a year. Luckily I switched schools to WAYS and they have helped me avoid repeating. “

Flynn, Yr 11

“WAYS Secondary has provided me with the opportunity to excel in education and develop healthy ways to cope with adversity. I am beyond grateful for WAYS and Terri”

Phoebe, Yr 12

““WAYS Secondary has changed the course of my education for the better, all the staff have provided a positive environment and supported my unique situation and enabled me to finish year 12. Thanks to all staff for being so kind and helping me grow as a person”“

Senna, Yr12


“Having attended mainstream high schools, my son commenced WAYS Secondary in year 10. I was a little skeptical at first not having much awareness of this school, but quickly realised how amazingly well my son settled and engaged in the WAYS Secondary environment – a small, nurturing school with strong academic curriculum and guidance and effective support systems. The teaching staff are excellent as are the support staff. With Terri (who I call my Bondi lifesaver !! ) at the helm, a wonderful resource, team leader with adolescent advice and strategies that actually work, my words don’t do justice. My son completed his HSC last year, his results even exceeded his expectations and he now is on his way as a successful adult in life after school. I am so very pleased we found WAYS Secondary !”

Trish Danzey

Dear WAYS Secondary Staff,
“The quickness of writing the thoughts from pen to paper does not reflect the feelings I feel. It is most heartfelt, genuine and very sincere. I feel the genuine care and feeling of safeness within the school walls. I feel this in the school, from the minute I walk inside to when I wait in the waiting lounge to when I leave to go. The teachers give respect and show it by example and show tolerance and support in all they offer in terms of the many dealings I have had over the past 2 years with my daughter at your school. My Daughter had no reservations whatsoever in where she now felt her school years would be spent. She felt at home and her keenness to attend and commitment from that moment is a credit to her and the staff ,a huge turnaround in attitude. Thank you for everything,”




  • Commences Tuesday January 28th 2020
  • Concludes Thursday April 9th 2020


  • Commences Monday April 27th 2020
  • Concludes Friday July 3rd 2020


  • Commences Monday July 20th 2020
  • Concludes Friday September 25th 20202


  • Commences Monday 12th October 2020
  • Concludes Friday December 18th 2020


youth dancing on the sunset

I have enjoyed working with WAYS over the years on a range of initiatives including health promotion, recreational activities and education and training.

I would particularly like to commend WAYS Secondary Education School in assisting young adults make positive decisions about their health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

They create a supportive, engaging and flexible learning environment that helps address the barriers to education that their students often face. They are an integral support network that can create an optimistic future with limitless potential.

2018 WAYS Secondary Code of Conduct

2018 WAYS Secondary Code of Conduct

2018 WAYS Secondary Annual Report

2019 WAYS Secondary Annual Report

What's On at WAYS


Free Counselling Bondi Beach 

Free Case Management Bondi Junction

WAYS Out of School Hours Care Bondi Beach 3pm - 7pm

WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15pm



Free Counselling Bondi Beach

Free Case Management Bondi Junction

GP Services Bondi Junction 12pm - 6pm Medicare Card Required currently operating via Telehealth

WAYS Youth Training Bondi Junction

WAYS Out of School Hours Care Bondi Beach 3pm-7pm

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Free Counselling Bondi Beach

Free Case Management Bondi Junction

WAYS Youth Training Bondi Junction

WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15pm

WAYS  Out of School Hours Care Bondi Beach 3pm - 7pm


Free Counselling Bondi Beach & Bondi Junction

Free Case Management Bondi Junction

WAYS Youth Training Bondi Junction

WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15pm

WAYS Out of School Hours Care Bondi Beach 3pm - 7pm




Free Counselling Bondi Beach 

Free Case Management Bondi Junction

WAYS Youth Training Bondi Junction

WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15 pm

WAYS  Out of School Hours Care 3pm - 7pm



Youth Space Drop In Bondi beach 1pm - 6pm

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