WAYS psychologists offer short and long term individual and family therapy, educational and mental health assessments, psychoeducation workshops and information seminars on a range of topics that are delivered to schools and community groups.

WAYS psychologists are experienced in assisting clients to achieve meaningful outcomes in addressing a range of mental health concerns, relationship issues, school refusal, serious offences, adolescent homelessness and any concerns affecting the family unit.

All sessions are free and are not limited in number.

If you want to chat with a professional who really understands the issues that you might be facing or need more information about this service please give us a call on 9365 2500


WAYS currently runs 2 courses a year. These events focus on family and adolescent issues and are run by our trained psychologists. If you would more information about these events, please click on the button below.

Case Management

The case managers at WAYS provide practical and intensive support to young people and their families who are either at risk of or who are homeless, who may be experiencing disengagement from education and training, barriers to employment, mental health concerns, family breakdown, social isolation, legal issues and serious offences. All sessions are free and are not limited in number.

Case managers from the WAYS Wellness Centre are approved providers of the Work and Development Orders (WDOs) in NSW.

WDOs are a way to help young people who can’t pay their fines and enables the participant to reduce their fine by up to $1000 a month, by allowing them to participate in unpaid work, courses, counselling, case management or approved treatment programs.

The criteria that young people must meet in order to be eligible is that they must be aged under 18, be receiving a Centrelink or DVA benefit, or have a mental illness, intellectual disability or cognitive impairment, or experiencing serious financial hardship, or are homeless.

WAYS need to agree to support the activity and will apply on the young person’s behalf. Please contact WAYS case managers to see if you will qualify for this program.


FREE WAYS help and information line

Our free WAYS help and information line is here to support young people (under 25), parents and families by providing practical and emotional ongoing support during lockdown and this difficult time.
Loads of people are struggling with a range of issues during a lockdown and we are here to help in any way we can.
Our specialist team are available to assist with the following:
– School disengagement and trouble staying on top of work during the pandemic.
– Finding education and training options.
– Family and relationship concerns.
– Mental health, substance use, legal issues and employment.
– Liaising with parents, internal and external services.
– Finding a place to stay: Supporting young people to access crisis and transitional accommodation.
– Supportive chat to any young person or parent who may be feeling lonely, frustrated or isolated.

We are not a suicide helpline or assist when you are in immediate danger. We recommend calling 000 or Lifeline if you require immediate support.

We can offer many resources and regular referrals to other specialist services.

Milo – FROM 9 am and 1 pm on 0420 499 776.



WAYS Wellness Centre offers a bulk-billed G.P service to our community of young people and their families.

Our G.P Services will be closed for 2022. We will update our website when we re-open again in the new year. 

All G.P services are bulk billed

Medicare  required for G.P.

parents talking to a woman



The dental nurses provide a thorough screening of individuals and if any work needs to be done they will refer them to their clinics in Mascot and Hurstville. All patients who are over 18 need a Centrelink Health Care Card.

wellness centre events



parents counseling

2022 Schedule: 

Thursday 26th of May – 16th of June 2022. 

Please email [email protected] for registration and more information 

This free four-week course is facilitated by experienced clinicians specialising in adolescent development and behaviour. The group runs for 4 two hour sessions and are offered twice a year and often book up in advance. The course will assist parents to build stronger parent-child relationships and to feel greater confidence in better managing and understanding their adolescents.

This is a skills-building and educational program only.


  • Understanding your child – adolescent development
  • Reflecting on your parenting – the impact of various parenting styles
  • Setting limits and boundaries that stick
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution strategies
  • Practical strategies for building resilience in your children and effectively helping them manage their emotions
  • Mental health, navigating social media and cyberspace & enhancing internal regulation. 


“This course is one of the MOST beneficial things we have done as parents – everyone should be taught these strategies/ knowledge. Totally needed in the community”

Matt and Jane

“I feel hopeful and inspired and we have used a lot of the strategies learned already with success ! ”


“Well run and practical, very good, extremely useful for the family. A huge thanks to the facilitators, you are very easy to learn from and you create a fun learning environment Thank you !”

John and Rita

“Absolutely life changing for me ! I have already recommended it to a few people”


“Both facilitators were extremely knowledgeable and generous with their information. Great service and felt privileged to have access to it”

Simone and Jack

What's On at WAYS


WAYS Youth Training Bondi Junction. FOR MORE INFO

WAYS OOSH Bondi Beach 3pm - 7pm

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WAYS Youth Training Bondi Junction. FOR MORE INFO

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Free Counselling Bondi Beach. FOR MORE INFO

WAYS Youth Training Bondi Junction. FOR MORE INFO

WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15pm

WAYS  OOSH Bondi Beach 3pm - 7pm


Free Counselling Bondi Beach. FOR MORE INFO

WAYS Youth Training Bondi Junction. FOR MORE INFO

WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15pm

WAYS OOSH Bondi Beach 3pm - 7pm

WAYS G.P Services. Available from 1pm - 4pm 




WAYS Youth Training Bondi Junction. FOR MORE INFO

WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15 pm

WAYS OOSH 3pm - 7pm



Youth Space Drop In Bondi beach 1pm - 5pm

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