WAYS Youth & Family is a community based non-government organisation whose mission is to work with young people aged 8-24 years and their families to create successful and meaningful pathways to the future. This is achieved through a “one stop shop” integrated model of service delivery providing innovative and comprehensive services, specialist staff, programs specifically designed to meaningfully assist young people and their families achieve a range of positive outcomes, fun and varied activities and practical assistance.


WAYS Youth & Family are passionate about creating a community of young people, who are aware, informed, and able to make healthy lifestyle choices about their education and vocational options, recreational activities, and their health and well-being; thus enabling their full participation and success in society. Central to our vision is to empower families to create harmony, contentedness and understanding in the home, as well equipping parents with the skills and knowledge to navigate the adolescent years.



Employees, volunteers and WAYS board members are asked to uphold the following values in the delivery of programs, services and activities:

  • Treat all students and clients with respect, dignity, empathy, care and warmth; and to offer innovative and professional services to assist them in having their needs meet.
  • Be passionate, responsive and professional in all areas of ones’ work and service delivery.
  • Treat all staff, board members, volunteers, students, visitors and others with respect.
  • To work as a team, all of whom are united in the aim of creating a safe, innovative, professional and responsive space that is trusted, and well regarded by our community of young people and their families.
  • Work cooperatively within the larger organisation, and within smaller team environments, through accepting responsibility and accountability for actions at work.
  • Use transparent and honest communication. 
  • Utilize all paid and voluntary working hours in effective, professional and conscientious way.
  • Contribute professional knowledge, skills and abilities to benefit our client group.
  • Employees to remain innovative by continually keeping abreast of all the latest developments, research, and best practice, across all professional domains and services in relation to young people and their families.
  • Acknowledge and praise the effort of others.
  • Continually strive to improve the quality, professionalism and service orientation of all our activities.


Goal 1: Service Delivery
To provide a comprehensive, innovative, integrated and responsive model of service delivery to meet the needs of young people and their families across Eastern Sydney.

Goal 2: Participation and Partnership
The organisation will partner with organisations, parents and young people to develop and coordinate a comprehensive support network for young people and their families.

Goal 3: Financial Sustainability
To generate sufficient funding to support the organisational goals, its operations, and anticipated growth.

Goal 4: Advocacy
Promote awareness and contribute to policy developments that are in line with WAYS’ Mission Statement.

Goal 5: Workforce Development
To support, assist, and invest in the development of staff in order to promote their ability to meet the organisation’s vision, values, and mission.

Goal 6 Profile and Publicity
To raise the profile of the organisation as a major provider of assistance to young people and their families across Eastern Sydney.



Dr. Terri Said

DR TERRI SAID, CEO & Principal

Dr Terri Said is a Psychologist, Family Therapist, Manager and Educator. She has been a specialist in the field of Family and Adolescence for over 12 years. Terri has a strong passion for being a catalyst for the community, educators and allied health professionals to move towards a greater understanding of how to successfully and meaningfully engage and work with young people and their families. Over the past 14 years Terri has written and conducted effective parenting groups, lectures and training packages for mental health professionals, community groups, schools and forums on a range of key issues relating to effective parenting and how to strategically and genuinely connect with young people and effective strategies to create positive psycho-social, emotional and education outcomes for young people.

Terri and her team are committed to providing students at WAYS Secondary with a quality and innovative education without barriers, to instill in students the significance of good values, a good education and a love for learning. Terri endeavors to create a schooling and learning environment which is nurturing and family orientated and which is deeply committed to meaningfully assist students face and overcome any personal challenges, reach their full potential to achieve beyond their own expectations and to create a strong and vibrant sense of self.


Leo Wassercug – President

Gavin Eichholz – Treasurer 

Margaret Condonis – Secretary 

Penelope Boyd – Board Member 

Elli Cohen – Board Member 

Sophia Harvey – Board Member 

Ralph Joseph – Board Member

Sally King – Board Member 

Yuliya Tkachenko – Board Member

Keri Spooner – Board Member

WAYS History

Russell King is a Sydney University Economics Graduate with an employment background in Management Accounting and Human Resources. Russell started as a volunteer at WAYS in 1987, and was the Chief Executive Officer of WAYS Youth & Family from 1989 until his passing in October 2019.

Russell is responsible for the unbelievable growth and achievements of the incredible organisation that is WAYS Youth & Family. As CEO, Russell always endeavoured to keep WAYS a youth organisation that has strong ties with the local Eastern Sydney community, as well as ensuring that WAYS programs and activities are totally directed towards the needs of the young people and their families in the area.

Russell was a true visionary and innovator with an admirable sense of social justice. He has positively impacted careers and shaped people’s lives for the better.

Russell’s heart and the doors of WAYS were always wide open to everyone regardless of their background, religious beliefs, or socio economic status. His generosity of spirit and capacity to provide practical assistance is unparalleled.

It was Russell’s mission to ensure that young people were valued, really listened to, fed, educated and given the necessary tools to achieve their goals and dreams. Russell created a WAYS family. Not just amongst all WAYS staff, but amongst our client community and many valuable stakeholders. Russell is and will always be the spiritual father of WAYS.

In 2017 the Hon Gabrielle Upton awarded Russell the well-deserved Premier’s Community Services Award, in order to acknowledge Russell’s many years of passionate, dedicated and outstanding work for the youth and families of our local community. WAYS Youth & Family have been incredibly blessed to have been guided by a CEO with such vision, dedication, ability and compassion. He will be missed – always.

Dr Terri Said

WAYS Annual Report

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What's On at WAYS

WAYS Secondary is at Bondi Beach from 9:30am - 3:15pm during school terms.

WAYS Youth Training provides vocational training (Certificate II, III, IV & Diplomas) every day from 09:00am - 3:30pm at Bondi Junction.

WAYS OOSH (After school care) is open every day from 3:00pm - 6:30pm during school terms.

WAYS OOSH (vacation care) is open every day from 08:00am - 6:00pm during school holidays. 


WAYS OOSH Bondi Beach 3pm - 6:30pm

WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15pm



WAYS OOSH Bondi Beach 3pm-6:30pm

WAYS Secondary  Bondi Beach 9.4am - 3.15pm 



Free Counselling and Case Management FOR MORE INFO

WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15pm

WAYS  OOSH Bondi Beach 3pm - 6:30pm


Free Counselling and Case Management FOR MORE INFO

WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15pm

WAYS OOSH Bondi Beach 3pm - 6:30pm




WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15 pm

WAYS OOSH 3pm - 6:30pm



Youth Space Drop In recommencing Summer 2022/2023

Venue Hire Avaliable Saturday & Sunday