WAYS Counselling Team conducted an Effective Parenting Course with Waverly Council which commenced on Tuesday 26 October from 6.00 – 7.00pm virtually.

This seminar was designed for parents with children aged 10-17, who want practical information and effective and strategies to develop good communication, healthy relationships and better understand and manage adolescent behaviour.
The seminar was led by clinical psychologist, Dr Terri Said, CEO of WAYS Youth & Family and WAYS Secondary Principal.
Topics included: Understanding adolescent development and brain function, effective communication, managing conflict and challenging behaviours, helping young people stay connected with education, and building resilience and managing social media.

As expected the course received enrolments within the first few weeks of advertising and was booked out 2 weeks before the course had started.

Parents were asked to comment on the below statements giving their feedback on the course.


  Strongly Agree Agree
The session content was

Relevant, practical and engaging.

65% 35%
I learned more than I knew

about the topic prior to the


40% 60%
The presenter was

informative and engaging.

94% 6%
The information I received

tonight will influence my

approach to situations in

the future.

60% 40%

No participants were neutral, strongly disagreed or even disagreed with the statements.

The presentation is available here to read: https://ways.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Effective-Parenting-Postlockdown-by-Dr-Terri-Said.pdf

The next course that WAYS will be conducting is the FREE four-week course from the 15th of November 2021 to the 6th of December 2021. This course will book out fast, please email [email protected] to reserve your place.

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