The case managers at WAYS provide practical and intensive support to young people and their families who are either at risk of or who are homeless, who may be experiencing disengagement from education and training, barriers to employment, mental health concerns, family breakdown, social isolation, legal issues and serious offences. All sessions are free and are not limited in number.

We spent 10 mins with Milo Brayovic about his experiences and advice to young people:


  1. Please tell me a bit about yourself

I graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Social work. I enjoy spending time with those I love on a weekend with a yarn and enjoying live music. I enjoy being active both at the gym and outdoors. Massive animal lover and happy member of the LGBTI community. I have been working in the social services field since I was 17 years of age both on a voluntary and paid basis.


  1. What issues have you seen Teenagers are facing the most?

Identity and courage to be oneself in the midst of changing narratives.


  1. What factors play a major role in the development of Teenagers?

Communication (Ability to speak their mind without judgement or cancellation, respectful dialogue) mateship, honest feedback and support, and Love.


  1. What helpful tips can you give to Parents for dealing with Teenagers challenges and issues?

Always listen when they are asking for your advice and help, but also give them space. Being present and not “making a big deal out of things” Honestly and patience.


  1. Tell us a story in your experience of “where you have seen a Teenager transform”.

I had a young person come out of detention into a hopeless situation with no home or family to support him. His only option was to go back to where he would be set back into a bad path. I managed to get a hold of him and constantly caught up with him filling out housing forms, Centrelink payment forms and Medicare applications. I attended every meeting with him and made sure that all forms were filled out. During this process, he said that the support he was being provided gave him optimism and confidence in himself to seek out his own housing and job. He managed to find his own house and a job which he started the following month.


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WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15pm

WAYS  OOSH Bondi Beach 3pm - 6:30pm


Free Counselling and Case Management FOR MORE INFO

WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15pm

WAYS OOSH Bondi Beach 3pm - 6:30pm




WAYS Secondary Bondi Beach 9.45am - 3.15 pm

WAYS OOSH 3pm - 6:30pm



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