WAYS Youth and Family in partnership with Waverley Council and Woollahra Council presented Mini Blitz at Bondi Markets (held at Bondi Beach Public School) on Sunday the 6th of June from 11 am – 2 pm.

Bondi Markets is an artsy and laid-back local market that showcases budding entrepreneurs, artists and craftspeople that can have up to 1500 people during the peak seasons.

Four young and talented singers graced the stage -. Lili Alaska a 16-year-old songwriter and allrounder, Frankie and T year 12 students at WAYS Secondary, and Leroy guitarist and singer and a band member of Tullulah and local.

“I couldn’t believe Lili is only 16 years old. She is an amazing singer, and she looks like she has been singing for more than 10 years on stage”.

“Leroy has a powerful voice”.

“Frankie and T were so cute, you could tell they are good friends and that were enjoying themselves, and they accompanied each other so well”.

“I didn’t know what was going on when I heard the singing, but I had to sit down and listen, they were all amazing and it gave the markets a great vibe that has been missing for a long time”.

“The WAYS staff were amazing, and I couldn’t believe the talent that they had picked, it was nice to listen to while I was there”.

Lili Alaska is a veteran of your WAYS music festivals, she is a local 16-year-old Australian multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter and producer.

Leroy is a singer and guitarist from the band Tullulah where he plays at local pubs and clubs in Sydney. He is an experienced songwriter and is often recommended and asked to play by other bands regularly, and from what we heard he never says no which shows his passion for music.

WAYS Youth and Family are hoping to have another event in the summer of next year, so watch this space, and if you are a local youth talent, stay connected to our Facebook page for information.


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