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The WAYS counselling and case management team are highly skilled and experienced in dealing with a range of issues effecting young people and their families. All sessions are free and are not limited in number.


We offer the following to 8—24 years and/ or their families:
-Short and long term individual and family therapy
-Case management – Educational and mental health
assessments – Brief intervention – Relapse prevention
-Education / information seminars – Secondary school workshops.


Seeing my counselor here at WAYS has helped me a lot, I feel better and have learnt a lot of valuable coping strategies, mostly I have a place where I feel comfortable to talk about important things to me
Zac, 16 years old


If you want to chat to a professional who really understands the issues that you might be facing please give us a call on 9365 2500 or 9388 9455.




This free five week course is facilitated by experienced clinicians specializing in adolescent development and behavior. WAYS Wellness runs this course twice a year. The course will assist parents to build stronger parent-child relationships and to feel greater confidence in better managing and understanding their adolescents. This is a skills building and educational program only.





  • Understanding your child – adolescent development
  • Reflecting on your parenting – the impact of various parenting styles
  • Setting limits and boundaries that stick
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution strategies
  • Practical strategies for building resilience in your children and effectively helping them mange their emotions
  • Special topics: alcohol and other drugs, sex, mental health and enhancing internal regulation

The group runs for 5 two hour sessions and are offered twice a year and often book up in advance. Course participants can also receive ongoing counselling support when the course ends from our team of psychologists if they wish.


Parents from our courses have said:


This course is one of the MOST beneficial things we have done as parents – everyone should be taught these strategies/ knowledge. Totally needed in the community

Matt and Jane


Well run and practical, very good, extremely useful for the family. A huge thanks to the facilitators, you are very easy to learn from and you create a fun learning environment Thank you !”

John and Rita


Both facilitators were extremely knowledgeable and generous with their information. Great service and felt privileged to have access to it

Simone and Jack


I feel hopeful and inspired and we have used a lot of the strategies learned already with success !


“Absolutely life changing for me ! I have already recommended it to a few people”



Our next Effective Parenting Seminar will commence on Monday November 11th and will run till December 9th. Please call 9365 2500 and speak to Emma or Michal if you would like to put your name down or ask any questions. Unfortunately, this course does book out well in advance so I’d encourage all interested parties to put their name down ASAP to secure a spot !




Youth and Family Specialist General Practitioner’s (G.P)
The WAYS Wellness Centre together with Jewish House is pleased to introduce our  youth & family G.P,  Dr Jessica Ivany. Aside from general medicine, Dr Ivany’s  areas of interests and expertise includes, but are not limited to :


Sexual health such as pregnancy counselling, pregnancy care, implanon insertions, pap smears, STI testing, mental health concerns such as  eating disorders, anxiety, depression and bullying advice and mental health care plans, smoking cessation, skin checks, managing drug and alcohol withdrawal and general health concerns.   


The WAYS Wellness Centre is a youth & family practice, therefore aside from being youth specialists,  the G.P service is also available for all age groups.


All G.P services are bulk billed.  Medicare card required for G.P.


Dr Ivany is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays  12pm6pm   at WAYS Bondi Junction. To make an appointment to see Dr Ivany, please call our Bondi Junction office on 9388 9455.


Before coming to WAYS I didn’t really have a G.P, but now I’m seeing the WAYS G.P who I trust and can be honest with and I’m realizing the importance of being linked in with a good G.P
Kate, 16 years old


Additional Allied Health Services
The WAYS Wellness centre also currently offers a range of youth friendly allied health services. These include dental and acupuncture.



The dental nurses provide a thorough screening of individuals and if any work needs to be done they will refer them to their clinics in Mascot and Hurstville. All patients who are over 18 need a Centrelink Health Care Card.


Interested in Acupuncture ?
Our Wellness centre is excited to offer acupuncture for young people aged 9-25 years. Acupuncture can relieve insomnia, allergies, pain, anxiety and stress. Treatments include; acupuncture, acupressure, meditation and nutrition advice. Our very skilled and experienced acupuncturists are Bartley Melocco and Xanthe Pearson. Bartley is also the founder and principal Acupuncturist at Sevenways Health Centre in North Bondi.


Bartley and Xanthe offer acupuncture at WAYS Bondi Beach on a Thursday morning each fortnight. This is a free service, so appointments book out quickly.


Call WAYS Bondi Beach on 9365 2500 to inquire or book an appointment.


This service does not require a Medicare card.


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