Russell King is a Sydney University Economics Graduate with an employment background in Management Accounting and Human Resources. Russell started as a volunteer at WAYS in 1987, and has been the Chief Executive Officer of WAYS Youth Services (now WAYS Youth & Family) since 1989.

As CEO, Russell has endeavored to keep WAYS a youth organisation that has strong ties with the local Eastern Sydney community, as well as ensuring that WAYS programs and activities are totally directed towards the needs of the young people and their families in the area. Russell has ensured that WAYS provides programs and services specifically tailored for different ages of young people aged 7-25. Examples of these programs include: After School Care programs (ages 7 -12), Tweenies (ages 13-15), NSW NESA accredited schooling for years 9 – 12, accredited training programs (ages 15-25), as well as counselling and case management services for 12 – 25 year olds and their families. Funding is essential to ensure the longevity, effectiveness and professionalism of a community service. A large part of Russell’s role at WAYS is to access and ensure there is sufficient funding available for WAYS Youth & Family to provide the innovative and quality services and programs that the young people and their families of our community need and deserve.


In 2017 the Hon Gabrielle Upton awarded Russell the well deserved Premier’s Community Services Award, in order to acknowledge Russell’s many years of passionate, dedicated and outstanding work for the youth and families of our local community. WAYS Youth & Family are incredibly blessed to be guided by a CEO with such vision, dedication, ability and compassion.






Dr Terri Said is a Psychologist, Family Therapist, Manager and Educator. She has been a specialist in the field of Family and Adolescence for over 12 years. Terri has a strong passion for being a catalyst for the community, educators and allied health professionals to move towards a greater understanding of how to successfully and meaningfully engage and work with young people and their families. Over the past 14 years Terri has written and conducted effective parenting groups, lectures and training packages for mental health professionals, community groups, schools and forums on a range of key issues relating to effective parenting and how to strategically and genuinely connect with young people and effective strategies to create positive psycho-social, emotional and education outcomes for young people.

Terri and her team are committed to providing students at WAYS Secondary with a quality and innovative education without barriers, to instill in students the significance of good values, a good education and a love for learning. Terri endeavors to create a schooling and learning environment which is nurturing and family orientated and which is deeply committed to meaningfully assist students face and overcome any personal challenges, reach their full potential to achieve beyond their own expectations and to create a strong and vibrant sense of self.



Leo Wassercug, President of the WAYS Management Committee. Leo is a Financial Consultant and has been on the committee since 1989, our longest committee member serving 27 consecutive years.

Sally Betts,  Vice President of WAYS Management Committee Member . Sally is a Councillor of Waverley Council and has been a board member since 2005.

Mark Raven, Treasurer of the WAYS Management Committee. Mark is the CEO of his own company.  Mark officially joined the WAYS Management Committee in 2015.

Linda McDonald, Secretary of the WAYS Management Committee. Linda is a Project Manager and has been on the committee since 1995.

Damien Babb, WAYS Management Committee Member, Damien started as a youth committee member in 2008 and has been on the board for 8 years.

Sophie Harvey, WAYS Management Committee Youth Member, Sophie is a Youth Worker and joined the committee this year.

Bartley Melocco, WAYS Management Committee Member, Bartley Melocco is the founder and principal Acupuncturist at Sevenways Health Centre in North Bondi, has been providing WAYS clients with free acupuncture for the last 5 years.  Bartley joined the board in 2016.

 Thelma Thomson, WAYS Management Committee Member- Works as a learning support officer. Thelma joined the WAYS Management committee in late 2016.

Ralph Joseph, WAYS Management Committee Member- Newest member of the committee board and is a retired business man.
Eleanor Findlay, WAYS Management Committee Member- Editorial assistant. Eleanor joined the WAYS Management committee in 2015.


Student Placements at WAYS Youth & Family


WAYS Youth & Family is committed to the development of a skilled and highly professional not for profit sector that is able to apply best practice to effectively meet the needs of communities now and into the future. WAYS considers secondary teaching, social work and youth work placements.


WAYS takes students on placement to guide and mentor them and give them practical experience of putting the theory into practice. We want to ensure they have the best chance of being the next cohort of committed and effective youth and community services workers.


To streamline the process of matching the right students with the right placement opportunities and to ensure high quality, worthwhile placements, WAYS has developed partnerships with USYD, UNSW and ACAP.


Please note that we do not tend to take enquiries or requests from students from the above institutions who are studying secondary teaching, social work, youth work, community work AOD etc. They should approach their field placement coordinator if they are seeking a placement.


We are unable to consider placements from  individual students or students from other educational institutions as we do not have the resources or capacity to do so.





Volunteers provide an invaluable contribution to young people, the local community, and the WAYS family. Our volunteers’ efforts, time, knowledge, experience and expertise and most of all their generosity, help to support our young people in making life affirming decisions.


    • Passionate about helping young people and your local community?
    • Interested in live music events and the arts?
    • Do you want to complete your Duke of Edinburgh Award?
  • Looking to strengthen your leadership and creativity skills?

Join our passionate and energetic team and get involved with volunteering! It is fun and flexible to suit YOU!






Over 18 years old:

For more information or to arrange to meet with our Volunteer Coordinator please call WAYS Bondi Junction on P: (02) 9388 9455 or E: volunteer@ways.org.au

As a youth and family service it is a legal requirement that all staff and volunteers have a Working with Children Clearance, this is free for volunteers. For information on how to obtain this please check their website:



Under 18 years old:

For more information or to arrange to meet with our Youth Space Team please call WAYS Bondi Beach on P: (02) 9365 2500 or E:




We have a range of meaningful and fun areas you can be involved in, including:



Youth Space

WAYS has a wide range of recreation programs such as basketball, soccer, skateboarding, acting, and parkour.The School Holiday Program is often in need of volunteers to assist with supervision. The day may involve rock climbing, a movie day, survival skills at Centennial Park, archery, or surf lessons.


Music Programs & Events

WAYS holds multiple music programs throughout the year for young budding musicians. WAYS supports these young people by holding events and competitions to give the young bands an audience and space to play their music.



Fundraising and Events Management Committee is made up of dedicated volunteers who work together to organise events and fundraising opportunities throughout the year.


Homework Tutoring

Our Homework Help is a program in Bondi Beach is for children and young people age 9-16 years old. The program assists young people with out of school hours study and homework by facilitating access to tutors and WAYS resources and services.


Youth Training

Our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) at Bondi Junction offers a range of classroom based training programs specifically to suit the needs of young people aged 15-24 years old. Training courses include Certificate II and III in Retail or Business Administration and Cert IV in Community Services.


WAYS Secondary

Our BOSTES accredited independent high school at Bondi Beach is an innovative learning space designed to encourage young people to form strong connections to education in a safe, supportive and dynamic environment. The school is based on principles underlying adolescent development and thus is more able to meet the educational needs of young people. Our classes are intentionally small so each student’s needs are better met. At our high school students can complete Year 9, 10, 11 & 12.

WAYS is extremely grateful for the time, skills, effort and energy that our volunteers provide us with. On behalf of the WAYS community we would like to wholeheartedly thank the following volunteers for their generosity of time and spirit !


Amer Raad
Cassie Mallos
Rani Raad
Xanthe Pearson
Bartley Melocco
Charlie CropperWill Tuan Yu

Check out the following volunteer testimonials below:

Testimonial 1:

Robertson Cerqueira

Homework Help Tutor


Why Volunteer?

I volunteer at WAYS because I have always been welcomed there with open arms. There is a lot of love there and genuine caring staff. I used to go there as a young boy and WAYS helped me a great deal and in many WAYS they saved my life so it is only right that I give back in whichever way I can.


How have you impacted WAYS?

I think I made a big impact while I was there. The kids opened up to me and loved to learn about the world as well as school work.I received a certificate of appreciation for the influence I had on some kids that had showed improvement at school and at home. I am very proud and pleased that I somewhat managed to reach out to a few kids like how the staff did with me as a troubled kid.I am very grateful for the experience but this is not the end for me. I will continue whenever I can because there are always new kids arriving that may need help.


Testimonial 2:

Jason Contos

Music Teacher, Events, & Management Committee


Why Volunteer?

I volunteer at WAYS because I loved using the facilities when I was in high school, and just out of high school. My friends and I especially enjoyed access to the music equipment. Once I turned 26, volunteering was my way of “giving back” to the community and I really enjoy it.

How have you impacted WAYS?

I like to think I have taught the kids a few things on the guitar, helped with their school work, and offered a positive role model of a young person like themselves who grew up and turned out OK!


Testimonial 3:

Ella Scott

Homework Tutor & Duke of Edinburgh


Why Volunteer?

I am volunteering at WAYS as part of my Duke of Edinburgh’s award. I chose WAYS homework help because I felt that this would be an interesting and engaging way for me to contribute to my local community. I have always enjoyed helping people with their school work and I get great satisfaction and happiness from watching them grow and improve.


How have you impacted WAYS?

I believe the impact I have had on WAYS was to help them provide services to more students. With more tutors available, more primary school students have attended and the service provided by WAYS has been improved.