WAYS G.P Dr Jessica Ivany is back for all G.P services. She is available Thursdays 1pm – 4pm.

Dr Ivany is a highly skilled and passionate G.P, who is a specialist in adolescent and family medicine and in working with the presentations below:

  • General, mental health and sexual health concerns
  • Contraceptive services including Implanon and morning-after pill
  • Smoking cessation
  • Skin checks
  • Managing drug and alcohol withdrawals


We spent 10 mins with Dr Ivany about her experiences and advice to young people and parents:

Please tell me a bit about yourself Dr Ivany (experience, passions, how long have you worked with WAYS)?

I’m a GP with a special interest in adolescent health and sexual health. I have been working with WAYS since 2017. I recently took some time off to have a baby and I’m really excited to be back at WAYS again. I would love to reconnect with some of my old patients and I am also welcoming new patients. I am passionate about providing comprehensive whole-person health care to members of my community.

 What advice would you give a young person who is worried about issues and challenges that they are finding hard to talk about? 

Firstly I would say, you are not alone. Being an adolescent is one of the most challenging times of life and I can almost guarantee that the issues you are facing are currently being experienced by many other young people. Sometimes it helps to know that you are not alone. I would recommend that you find a trusted adult that can become a support network for you. I am happy to see any young person and no topic is off-limits and I guarantee confidentiality. A teacher, caseworker, psychologist or trusted relative would also be appropriate points of care.

What have you seen the most common issues that young people face? 

Bullying, poor self-esteem, depression or anxiety, sexual health issues including STIs or confusion around contraception, poor eating behaviours, sleep issues.

Give us an example of where you have helped young people or family overcome challenges in their life?

I have recently helped a lovely transgender young person find the support and care they have needed to help them as they start their transition in a safe and holistic manner. I provide regular hormone injections and monitoring of side effects and we have regular catch-ups where I check in on their mental health, general health and reproductive health. Our visits provide a regular space where they can discuss any issues relating to their gender identity, transition process, sexual health and a place to discuss any general health concerns they may have. I have also referred the young person to an appropriate specialist who is overseeing their medical care.

WAYS Wellness Centre is open to our community of young people and their families. Our G.P services are bulk-billed. Please call 02 9388 9455 to make an appointment.


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