WAYS Youth Space


WAYS Tamariki ASC operates Monday – Friday  from 3pm – 7pm
WAYS Tamariki OOSH Care operates 48 weeks of the year
Closed Public Holidays

$24 per session (4 hour session) CCS approved

School Holiday Program – Vacation Care

$95 per session (8am – 6pm)

For more information please email afterschoolcare@ways.org.au


WAYS July School Holiday Program 2019 is now open if your child is aged 9 – 12

Please click  https://www.smartcentral.net/v2/service_profile/show/394
to enrol in the program through WAYS Tamariki vacation care

or email afterschoolcare@ways.org.au or call Tamara on 9365 2500

July 2019 Vacation Care

Term 2 Holiday program



Youth Space at WAYS brings together young people in the community in order to enjoy a range of innovative and fun activities and programs that are tailored to their interests. Youth Space operates out of our Bondi Beach location. Please have a read below of all of current activities and programs.



WAYS coordinates a number of live music events per year:

  • Bondi Blitz
  • DJ dance parties
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Festival of the Winds


Our drug and alcohol free music events are specifically designed to showcase local talent and to provide young people with the opportunity to party safely in a supervised environment.


The WAYS Youth Committee is heavily involved in all aspects of event production.





As well as a regular school term program, WAYS also runs a variety of low cost excursions and activities every school holiday period. New excursions and destinations are continually developed in consultation with our young people and their parents/ caregivers.


Excursions include:

  • Skyzone
  • Jamberoo
  • Rock climbing
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Movies
  • Beach trips
  • Urban adventure park
  • Reptile park



“Thank you for the great activities for the school holidays!
I find it so helpful to have activities during the week in the holidays as I still have to work full time and need low-cost activities or my children. Thank you for the great service you offer the young people in the area.”

Lee, parent


For more information about our school holiday programs call WAYS Bondi Beach on 9365 2500




Youth Space Activities and Facilities




Our Youth Space is a fun, safe, and supportive place for young people to meet and hang out in the Bondi area.


It’s fully supervised by qualified Youth Workers.


Activities include:

  • Parkour Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Cooking Workshops
  • Acting Classes
  • Tweenies (dedicated to
    primary school students)
  • Basketball & Soccer Sessions.

Our facilities include:

  • Computers
  • Pool table
  • Large HD TVs and Xbox 360s
  • Rooftop basketball and sports court
  • A fully equipped music studio
  • Free meals and snacks


Our after school Homework Help program provides students with a dedicated space to work on their homework, art projects and even catch up on subjects that they may find challenging. The classes are run by a selection of volunteer tutors. During our Homework help classes, students have access to computers, our well stocked art cupboard, stationary items, printers, and even afternoon snacks.


“I can’t wait to get back to the youth space. It’s a really cool place –
the staff are really friendly. Thanks WAYS, you’re awesome!”

Erin, 12 years old


“Just wanted to say thanks to WAYS and the help we get. We always have fun, and enjoy hanging out there.”
Will, 15 years old




Music Studio

The fully equipped music studio can be booked as a rehearsal/practice place.


The dedicated music PC can capture and multitrack live recordings.


Available for hire:

Monday & Thursday & Friday  5pm-7pm

Saturday 1pm-6pm (2 hour time slots)


Call WAYS Bondi Beach to book the music studio on 9365 2500





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