About Ways

WAYS Youth & Family is a dynamic and innovative organization who are deeply passionate about providing quality,  holistic and professional  services and a safe, vibrant and innovative space for young people and their families. WAYS excels in meaningfully engaging and meeting the needs of young people and their families. To ensure we are able to help all members of our community, we offer the following comprehensive range of services, most of which are free:


  • Adolescent and family Counselling
  • Case Management
  • Youth friendly G.P
  • Dentist and acupuncturist
  • Specialist education workshops in schools
  • Recreational and holiday programs
  • Alternative education High School:  WAYS Secondary
  • Youth training- vocational courses
  • Information and referral
  • Peer education programs
  • After school care

A Message from our former PM regarding WAYS:


“ WAYS Youth Services is an impressive community organisation that has been providing educational and support services to young people and their families for more than 40 years. I have enjoyed working with WAYS over the years on a range of initiatives including health promotion, recreational activities and education and training. The support and activities they provide in a youth-friendly environment is delivered by a team of wonderful, committed professionals and I thank them for their tireless efforts” .



The Hon Malcolm Turnbull 



WAYS Youth & Family is a community based non-government organisation whose mission is to work with young people aged 9-24 years and their families to create successful and meaningful pathways to the future. This is achieved through a “one-stop shop” integrated model of service delivery providing innovative and

comprehensive services, specialist staff, programs specifically designed to meaningfully assist young people and their families achieve a range of positive outcomes, fun and varied activities and practical assistance.


WAYS Youth & Family are passionate about creating a community of young people, who are aware, informed, able to make healthy lifestyle choices about their education and vocational options, recreational activities and health and well-being thus enabling

their full participation and success in society. Central to our vision is to empower families to create harmony, connectedness and understanding in the home, as well to equip parents with the skills and knowledge to navigate the adolescent years.


All employees, volunteers and management committee members are asked to uphold the following values in the delivery of programs, services and activities:


  • Treat all clients/ students with respect, dignity, empathy, care and warmth and to offer professional and innovative services to assist them to have their needs met
  • Be passionate, responsive and professional in all areas of one’s work and service delivery
  • Treat all staff, management committee members, volunteers, students, visitors and others with respect
  • To work as team, all of whom are united in the aim of creating a safe, innovative, professional and responsive space that is trusted and well regarded by our community of young people
    and their families
  • Work cooperatively within the organisation and within the smaller team environments through accepting responsibility and accountability for actions at work
  • Use transparent and honest communication
  • Utilize all paid and voluntary working hours in effective, professional, efficient and conscientious ways
  • Contribute professional knowledge, skills and abilities to benefit our client group
  • Employees to remain innovative by continually keeping abreast of all of the latest developments, research and best practice across all professional domains and services in relation to young people and their families
  • Acknowledge and praise the effort of others
  • Continually to strive to improve the quality, professionalism and service orientation of all our activities.


Goal 1: Service Delivery
To provide a comprehensive, innovative, integrated and responsive model of service delivery to meet the needs of young people and their families across Eastern Sydney.


Goal 2: Participation and partnership
The organisation will partner with organisations, parents and young people to develop and coordinate a comprehensive support network for young people and their families.


Goal 3: Financial Sustainability
To generate sufficient funding to support the organisational goals, its operations and anticipated growth.


Goal 4: Advocacy
Promote awareness and contribute to policy developments that are in line with WAYS’ Mission statement.


Goal 5: Workforce Development
To support, assist and invest in the development of the staff in order to promote their ability to meet the organisation’s vision,
values and mission.


Goal 6 Profile and Publicity
To raise the profile of the organisation as a major provider of assistance to young people and their families across Eastern Sydney.