WAYS Secondary


WAYS Secondary is an Independent high school for young people who want an alternative to mainstream education. Currently offering years 9, 10, 11 and 12.


WAYS Secondary provides an innovative, safe, supportive and flexible learning environment that helps young people thrive and achieve their educational goals. The school offers NESA accredited ROSA and HSC courses. Upon completion, our objective is to assist students to achieve their future goals into further education, training and employment.



I have enjoyed working with WAYS over the years on a range of initiatives including health promotion, recreational activities and education and training.


I would particularly like to commend WAYS Secondary Education School in assisting young adults make positive decisions about their health, wellbeing and lifestyle.


They create a supportive, engaging and flexible learning environment that helps address the barriers to education that their students often face. They are an integral support network that can create an optimistic future with limitless potential.




The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP  

Prime Minister of Australia

Member for Wentworth


WAYS Secondary’s mission is to meaningfully motivate and engage students to achieve academically, love learning and realize their own potential. Student well being is paramount and we pride ourselves on our capacity to grow students emotionally and socially.


We have a proven record of instilling a sense of self-worth and connection to education in each student by enabling them to overcome their personal barriers to education. WAYS Secondary is available for students who do not fit into or wish to attend mainstream schooling. While we specialize in catering for a wide range of student needs, WAYS Secondary is not a behaviour school and thus does not accept students presenting with behavioural disorders or significant problems with their behavior.


We believe each student is an individual with a diversity of learning styles and we make it our priority to make learning accessible to all students. Parents are valued as much as students.


Parents of our students are encouraged to access our Youth and Family counselling service & our Effective Parenting courses which empower parents with the skills and knowledge to better understand their adolescent children, build stronger connections, manage challenging behaviors and feel more confident in their parenting.


Please contact the school on 9365  2500 for more information or to arrange an interview


We are student focused:

  • Small class sizes
  • Individual year groups- no composite classes
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • Proactive Goal setting
  • Individual student coaching for success

Have a strong focus on student wellness with free access to:

  • Educational assessments
  • Wellness Centre including GP, Dentist, Acupuncture and Optometry
  • Counselling services
  • Case management

We are passionate about providing a safe, supportive and dynamic learning environment:

  • Literacy and numeracy support
  • Enrichment programs
  • Transport to and from Bondi Junction
    Station daily
  • Breakfast, recess and lunch provided

From Our Students:


“WAYS Secondary are supportive, lifesavers and inspiring
-they are pretty amazing “
Elly Year 10


“The teachers have shown me what I am capable of

and they push me to do well”

Estelle, Year 12


“WAYS Secondary has made me enjoy my education, find good lasting friendships and makes me feel appreciated as a person. I love my teachers as they make me feel that they care about my wellbeing and education”

Cinnamon, Year 10


A message from our Parent community :


Dear WAYS Secondary Staff,
The quickness of writing the thoughts from pen to paper does not reflect the feelings I feel. It is most heartfelt, genuine and very sincere. I feel the genuine care and feeling of safeness within the school walls. I feel this in the school, from the minute I walk inside to when I wait in the waiting lounge to when I leave to go. The teachers give respect and show it by example and show tolerance and support in all they offer in terms of the many dealings I have had over the past 2 years with my daughter at your school. My Daughter had no reservations whatsoever in where she now felt her school years would be spent. She felt at home and her keenness to attend and commitment from that moment is a credit to her and the staff ,a huge turnaround in attitude. Thank you for everything,



  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Community and Family
  • Society and Culture
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Literacy support
  • Numeracy support
  • Enrichment programs


Term 1

  • Tuesday January 24th, Term 1 commences for staff
  • Thursday January 26th, Term 1 commences for students
  • Friday 7th April, Term 1 concludes for students and staff

Term 2

  • Monday April 24th, Term 2 commences for staff
  • Wednesday April 26th, Term 2 commences for students
  • Monday June 12th, Queen’s Birthday Holiday (school closed)
  • Thursday June 29th, Term 2 concludes for students
  • Friday June 30th, Term 2 concludes for staff

Term 3

  • Monday July 17th, Term 3 commences for staff
  • Tuesday July 18th, Term 3 commences for students
  • Friday September 22nd, Term 3 concludes for students & staff

Term 4

  • Friday October 6th, Term 4 commences for staff
  • Monday October 9th, Term 4 commences for students
  • Friday December 15th, Term 4 concludes for students
  • Wednesday December 20th, Term 4 concludes for staff



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