Dr Jessica Ivany

In conjunction with Jewish House and based in Bondi Junction Dr Jessica Ivany is a wonderful asset to the wellness team.  The WAYS Wellness Centre is a youth & family practice, therefore aside from being youth specialists, the GP service is also available for all age groups, from the youngest to the oldest!


In the 2 years that Jess has been with WAYS Youth & Family we have seen a continuing increase in new patients  via word of mouth.  There are several areas where need has increased, primarily mental health plans, implanon insertion and removal,  sexual health.


Flu vaccines will be available in approx mid April and given the pandemic of summer flu WAYS will be encouraging all those who wish to have one do so.  There is a minimum cost for the vaccine itself to our general patients.


All Dr Ivany’s (Jess’s)  services are bulk billed, a medicare card is required.


Dr Ivany is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays  12pm – 6pm   at WAYS Bondi Junction. To make an appointment to see Dr Ivany, please call our Bondi Junction office on 9388 9455.